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Managing Director
Mikael Salonen

Mikael has more than 30 years experience in the Managment of international companies and 20 years experience in the Pharma field. His special areas are Pharma research and Pharmaceutical development including pre-clinical testing.
Mikael is also Pharma Quality Manager and Responsible Person (RP / FvP) licenced by Swissmedic.
At the moment Mikael is involved in several management consulting projects, pharma quality management projects and special projects. 

Our scientific Team

Ph.D. Pharma John Fröhlich

John has more than 30 years experience in the pharma industry as Medical Director, University lecturer at ETH, Quality Manager, Quality Person, Responsible Person and QPPV. His special areas are Medical Imaging (MRI), Pharma Quality and safety, GMP and GDP as well as pharma logistic. He takes part in congresses and is a regular speaker in different events around the world. At AaMEDI he participates several special projects.

Dr. Med. Kalevi Kairemo

Kalevi has 40 year experience in the pharma field as Chief Physician, Professor, Managing Director of several Biotech companies, His Medical specialities include Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Radiotherapy , Pharmaceutical Medicine, Medical Imaging (CTI). He has organized world congresses and is a regular speaker in events around the world.
At AaMEDI he participates in special projects, especially in development of nanoparticles for Medical Imaging. 

Ph.D.Chem, M.Sc.Pharma Pekka Lukkari

Pekka has more than 25 experise in the pharma industry in the area Global Regulatory Affairs
- Regulatory affairs filing, Variations and Submission of files
- Adaptation to the Swiss requirements
- Medical information / leaflets
- Packaging related questions
- Price negotiation for Switzerland
- Responsible Person, QPPV

Dr. Conrad Julius

Conrad has more than 25 years of professional experience in the fields of business development in Life Science, Comparative Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices including planning, construction and management of laboratories with responsibility for budget and staff.
He is a member of "The German delegation of experts for harmonizing of ISO norms 10993 for the assessment of biocompatibility of medical devices".  

Our striving for Quality 

Doing the right things in the right way will help our customers to reach their full potential. Commitment towards excellence in this respect translates towards processes that are easy to understand, reliable and accountable.
Quality is understood as a way of achieving competitive advantage and thus to grow and evolve together with our partners and customers. Relevant process oriented standards and legal prerequisites are self evident in our quality policy. The high standards of Swiss quality are an integral part of our values.

our quality

AaMEDI Projects and Experiences

We are co-operating with our global customers and partners succesfully and have been supporting them in their projects in many ways. Here a list of some projects we have performed or which still are ongoing:
- Business development for Swiss start-up companies
- Establishing Swiss based Pharma trading companies
- Quality Assurance Management projects
- Carry out of RP / FvP Mandates
- Creating Quality Management Systems based on GDP
- 17 Swissmedic successful Licence applications
- Cancer medication development project
- Intelligent nano particle development project
- Management consulting
- Looking for Pharma products for global markets
- Looking for Medical Devices for global markets
- Looking for financing for our Pharma customers
- Recruiting staff for Pharma companies
- Formulation technology project
- Efficient inhalation technology project
We are looking steadily for new projects where we can offer our skills for our global customers. Ask more

our quality

Our vision

We have a broad international experience and vision supporting our clients in their business areas. Our mission is to provide in a non-paralleled manner the essential advantages for our clients needs.  
AaMEDI Healthcare provides a variety of activities and services that reflect our values – trust, respect and commitment versus excellence.

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