AAMEDI Healthcare - Services for Pharma industry

AaMEDI Healthcare is a Swiss based international pharmaceutical, medicinal and healthcare company providing a wide range of consultancy services for our global Pharma customers and Software tools like DMS .

We have a broad international experience and vision supporting our clients in their business areas. Our mission is to provide in a non-paralleled manner the essential advantages for our clients need.
AaMEDI Healthcare provides a variety of activities and services that reflect our values – trust, respect and commitment versus excellence.

Business Opportunities:
AaMedi is looking for HightTech Medical Devices and Medical Products for Swiss market.

Swiss medical market is attractive to create successful business. AaMEDI can support our customers in launching new products onto Swiss market. At the moment, we are interested in advanced Medicinal Products and Medical Devices etc. Please contact us for more information and cooperation proposal.

AaMedi Services for international Pharma Companies

AaMedi with it's partners and associates supports our international Pharma customers in many ways from starting with the establishment of the Swiss company (if needed), taking care of the administration in different essential areas of business and offering wide rage of services in pharma field.

Our core team together with our global network of consulting partners enables us to perform also demanding projects. We are fully committed to our customer projects on a 24 hrs per 7 day level when needed.

Establishing your pharma company in Switzerland

Establishing a company in Switzerland is our  daily business. Please inform us what kind company you need and send us a message with questions.

Administrate and Manage your Swiss company

We have a lot of experience in Managing companies and doing different kind admistrative work in Switzerland. 

Quality Maagement, Pharma and Regulatory  Services

Pharma Consulting and Project Management

In case you are interested in our services don't hesitate to contact us. Kindly fill the contact form.


Quality Management Services

AaMEDI Healthcare offers
- Pharmaceutical quality system planning and implementation.
- Responsible Person (RP) and RP deputy services as "RP PACKAGE"
- Qualified Person (QP) services
- Support in GDP/GVP/GMP - related issues  
- Pharmacovigilance Responsibility
- Auditing services, site visits
- Contracts / Agreements  
- Swissmedic License Applications
- Swissmedic issues
- other Quality related issues

We offer also a Documentation Management System (DMS) for all company Documentations and especially for Quality Management Documents consisting ot Audit trail, which is needed for GMP, GDP, GLP and other Quality Dokumentation. Read more.  

Regulatory Services

AaMEDI offers high quality international regulatory services in co-operation with our partners as follows
- Regulatory affairs filing
- Variations
- Submission of files
- Adaptation to the Swiss requirements
- Medical information / leaflets
- Packaging related questions
- Price negotiation for Switzerland

Our Partners have 20 years of experience with international regulatory affairs and with Swissmedic.


Pharma Project Management Pipeline

AaMedi is continiously running and managing own and customer projects

We are supporting our customers in their projects in many ways. We are looking steadily for new projects where we can offer our management skills and financing opportunities.
Following projects are ongoing:
- Developmet of a medical device towards snore
- Cancer medication development project
- Looking for financing for our Pharma customer
- Recruiting  for Pharma company
- Business development for Swiss Pharma start-up
- Pharma company foundation in Switzerland
- Formulation technogy
- Efficient inhalation technlogy  
- Pharma QMS (Quality Management System) development  with the goal to get Swissmedic licenses

TEAM of AaMedi Healthcare

Our core team together with our global network of partners and advisors with executive and operational experience from different areas in international Pharma business, enables us to perform also demanding projects.


Mikael Salonen
+41 76 43 66 226

20 years of experience in pharmaceutical research, management of pharmaceutical companies and in qualität management as Responsible Person.
Experience with establishing of Pharma Start-up's in Switzerland and managing those companie


Carine Abt, Dr. pharm.

30 years of experience in all Pharma quality management related isses in Switzerland.  


AaMedi is performing projects in teams. For every project we are collecting the best possible team consisting of our partners and associates

Contact form for questions, inquires, feedback and orders 

Our international Clients

Our clients mainly came from following Pharma industry areas

- pharmaceutical companies
- biotech companies
- healthcare companies
- medical device industry
- diagnostic companies
- consulting companies

We are proud to cooperate with many international well diversified companies to contribute to improvement of health and well-being of people around the world.

Our stryving for Quality

Doing the right things in the right way will help our customers to reach their full potential. Commitment towards excellence in this respect translates towards processes that are easy to understand, reliable and accountable.

Quality is understood as a way of achieving competitive advantage and thus to grow and evolve together with our partners and customers. Relevant process oriented standards and legal prerequisites are self evident in our quality policy. The high standards of Swiss quality are an integral part of our values.


AaMedi GmbH  
Obmoos 4  
CH-6300 Zug


+41 76 4366 226